How Yoga Can Improve Your Sex Life

People have known for some years that yoga has a range of health benefits. In fact, if you take part in it on a regular basis, you can feel like a whole new person before long. Your posture can improve ten-fold, those suffering from high blood pressure can find it’s far lower, and it can even help with brain function, weight loss, balance, lung capacity, and flexibility as well. If that’s not enough to convince you to put on those yoga pants and give it a go, then the less common benefit of an improved sex life might.

That healthy glow in your yoga instructor may not be because they feel healthy. It could be because yoga gives you improved self-esteem and energy. In essence, you can use yoga to spice up your sex life – and here’s how.

Kegel Strength

As most women are aware, kegel muscles typically only present their weakness in the worst way possible. You only know your kegel muscles aren’t what they should be when you go to use a jump rope or run on the spot. Yoga, however, works out all your muscles – including your kegel muscles that control urination. However, while you benefit from not peeing yourself, you also benefit from far stronger orgasms. If that sounds appealing, then spend 20 minutes a day dedicated to using those muscles.

You Feel Good

Did you know that four in five women have poor self-esteem? While this can equate to feeling less than adequate in your daily life, it can also mean you don’t feel good enough in the bedroom as well. As a result, you’re less willing to be adventurous because you feel judged, frumpy, and not attractive.

When you take part in yoga, you strengthen your core muscles, tone your body, and feel so much more confident with who you are as a person. What’s more, you’re able to move your body in ways you didn’t think possible. The more yoga you do, the better you’ll feel, and the more that equates to a saucier sex life.

New Positions

When you take a yoga class, you find yourself learning new ways to contour your body – ways that you may have not even known existed. In fact, while it might have seemed impossible before to put your legs behind your head – that could be a reality with regular yoga classes. It may feel like these yoga techniques are useless for anything other than yoga, but they’re not. You will soon catch on that these positions you’re now capable of will equate to a lot of bedroom fun.

More Energy

One in ten people feel tired all the time. When you’re tired at every waking moment, the last thing you feel like doing is being intimate with your partner. Instead, you’d prefer to conk out as soon as your head hits the pillow. If you include yoga in your routine, you may find your energy levels do a complete 360-degree turn. You will feel vibrant, light, and ready for anything. This can equate to a far more exciting sex life. Your significant other won’t be complaining too much either.

Fewer Monthly Interruptions

If you’re a woman and always have a block of chocolate and super-sized pads on-hand for the inevitable monthly visitor, then you’ll find yoga sex lessens the burden and quicken the pace for returning to an active sex life. Rather than fight with cramps, irritability, bloating, and generally feeling less than your best, you can float through that time of the month with relative ease. In fact, you’ll crave sex rather than be disgusted by the very thought.


After a study involving 150 women in India, those who practiced yoga on a regular basis benefited from far less severe menstrual symptoms than those who didn’t partake. If you can make your period less of a burden, you’re more likely to want to engage in sex and not be repulsed by your partner for seven days of the month.

Yoga can improve sex in so many ways, and it’s so easy to get involved. There are bound to be dozens of yoga classes near you, so what are you waiting for? Buy a mat and put those yoga pants on. Transform your sex life in a matter of weeks.